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GP Engine




This is my computer graphics assignment assigned by the university I attend. I wrote the shaders, which include, legal effect, shadow mapping, point light, parallax mapping, normal mapping, fade texture and directional light. I also created the 3D engine which was required for the task. To start I used diffuse and specular lighting from two point lights to light the models, which was calculated per pixel. One of the lights pulsate on and off, whilst the other gradually changes colour. I also included ambient light and attention in the lighting equations. I also produced a pulsating/wiggle effect which meant the vertex shader constantly moves the vertices. I also made the pixel shader repeatedly scroll the texture coordinates and tint the spheres texture to find the fixed colour. The texture on the cube gradually fades from one texture to the next and this action repeats. Then I extended the lighting calculations so they use specular maps, normal mapping and parallax mapping. Also, I made sure to support directional and/or spotlights. I then changed the light setup from two point lights to a different selection of lights, for example, one point light and one directional light; or on one point, one directional and one spotlight. And I supported a range of blending modes for some of the models in the scene.




C++, HLSL, DirectX11



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