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Game Developer

Gergo Pronai

I do game development using Unreal Engine with C++ and Unity using C#, and I am experienced with shader programming using HLSL.


Emergency Services | Unity | C#

Emergency Services game where the player can work with ambulance services and police to find scenes of danger, medical emergency or crime, and pickup the patients/criminals to escort them back to headquarters, which is controlled by the player.



COMX is a game where the player is able to shoot, or use any other weapon of choice available to fight the enemy in multiple ways. The enemy is able to fight back so the aim of the game is to eliminate them before they eliminate you.


A computer graphics assignment with a 3D engine, in which I made shaders where the colour gradually changes, as well as the texture to show where the light is shining on them and to add the effect of a shadow, this is so all components move and blend together, all while the shape moves constantly.


This is an AI assignment I had using unreal engine and C++ where the AI follows the player and tries to kill them throughout the game and if the player scores enough points while being chased they win.


This is a multiplayer assignment I had which I’d based on the game called “Fall Guys” using unreal engine and C++ where the players compete against each other throughout each level to see who wins.

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